Famous People from Nassau: Rick Fox

Canadian born and Bahamian bred Rick Fox could be seen storming up and down NBA courts for thirteen seasons in both Boston and Los Angeles and was no slouch at all. The athletic forward and frequent resident of Nassau had a magic shooting touch that had him register a career shooting percentage of .450, an outstanding average. He played alongside some NBA greats with both the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers including Hall of Fame talents such as Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Robert Parrish as well as future Hall of Famers Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal.

Fox played Championship level basketball as proven by his two Championship rings that he wears proudly and earned as a member of the 2001 and 2002 Lakers squads. He started every playoff game each of those two seasons and averaged 10 points per game to assist the Lakers in their respective NBA Finals victories over the Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Nets.Unlike other NBA veterans, Fox wouldn’t slow down upon his retirement after the 2004 season, if possible Fox even upped his workload as he began to focus on a career in Hollywood. Rick Fox had actually dabbled a bit in acting during his playing career. Few can forget the powerful role he played on the HBO prison series Oz. He also had smaller roles in Hollywood films Blue Chips, He Got Game, and Resurrection. He even found a few voice acting gigs in television commercials and children’s animated programming. Since retiring he upped his game and not only continued acting but also expanded his skill set to include some broadcast work on NBA TV and even reality competition. That is right, the 6’7 baller put on his dancing shoes to compete in the 2010 seasons of Dancing with the Stars. Fox also landed roles in television series like Ugly Betty, Party Down, Melrose Place, Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, The Dollhouse, The Big Bang Theory, and many many more.

Even though Fox hasn’t slowed down at all post basketball, he still gets a chance to frequent Nassau, Bahamas. He grew up there from a very early age and has commented that there is no easier flight than from JFK to Nassau.

Nassau, Bahamas Fishing Report

When you are looking for a fishing report for The Bahamas, you need to look in advance to plan for your next trip. Many people are going to come out to the islands to grab a fishing charter, and they are going to learn when they should go out on the water to fish for the catches they want.

The Report Numbers

The reports are going to show which fish are in the area, but the reports are also going to show where they are. When the reports are read, most people will see the types of fish and where they go. This can lead someone to a fishing hole that is going to allow them to find a place where they can have the best chance of bringing in a big haul. Some people do not want to catch too many fish, and they can stay out of the big fishing holes.

The Water Temperature

You will be able to use the water temperature in the report to decide if you want to do more than fishing. You will be able to jump in the water and swim when you have good water conditions, but you will also be able to figure out where people will not be during the day.

If you want to use the fishing report to plan a trip, you can hit all the fishing spots around the islands using the report. You will be able to increase your haul when you are using the fishing reports, and you will be able to plan tours of the islands that are going to send you all over the islands. You will get to enjoy the open water every single week, and you will learn how to manage your fishing trips when you make you way to the islands.

Sport Leagues in Nassau

The beautiful weather in Nassau, Bahamas lends itself to providing a great opportunity for year-round sports on the islands. Based on this important factor, the community of Nassau offers a wide variety of organized sports leagues that are suitable for both Kids and adults. These leagues are offered above and beyond those offered by local high schools and universities.

For the Kids
Two of the most prominent sports programs offered for the kids of all ages are Junior League Baseball and Youth Soccer. The Junior Baseball program offers a wide range of opportunities starting with tee ball for ages 4-6. The next level is “coach pitching” leagues for kids in the 7-8 years of age range. Then it’s on to Little Leagues (Minors and Majors), which takes kids up through age 12 based on certain restrictions. Advanced levels include Junior ball (Pony League) and Senior ball, which would be comparable to American Legion.

Soccer has quickly become one of the island’s favorite sorts. The Nassau Youth Soccer leagues start taking kids from ages 2-3 all the way up through teenage years. Kids are taught the skills needed to play the game in order to prepare them for well-organized, high profile leagues as they get older.

For the Adults
Anyone who has trouble finding organized adult sport leagues in Nassau is simply not trying. The local authorities are currently offering leagues in such popular sports as soccer, basketball, lacrosse, volleyball (Beach and Indoor), tennis, baseball, softball and yes, hockey.

At the current time, baseball, softball and beach volleyball are the most popular sports in Nassau County. Amateur baseball leagues cater to players of all levels and ages, including senior leagues for the 35 and over crowd that wants to stay active. Year round softball leagues for all divisions are also prominent. The most popular leagues are Men’s leagues for levels A-D, women’s softball leagues (both slow and fast pitch), mixed leagues and leagues for seniors who still have skills. Beach volley ball is one of the most popular sports because it is played on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Leagues are organized year-round for both men and women.

For anyone interested in joining a sports league, they can contact the Nassau County Department of Parks and Recreation. They will be more than happy to point willing participants to the right place where they can enjoy first class recreation in a first class environment.